The world's a better place
after a good night's sleep

Developed by Birlea, SleepSoul hybrid mattresses are designed to help you drift into a deep, restful sleep. Packed with high-quality materials and all the latest features, our range of mattresses keep you comfortable and supported on any bed frame.

Choose from ten unique designs to experience the perfect night’s sleep
— all night, every night.

Mattress Layer

What makes our SleepSoul Space mattress so comfortable?

Our SleepSoul mattresses are the result of years of innovation and research. Through many days of hard work and many nights of great sleep, we’ve developed mattresses that are long-lasting, easy to handle and softer than a marshmallow. You’ll never wake up on the wrong side of the bed again. Let our SleepSoul Space show you the layers of comfort.

  • Top Layer Boxtop layer for additional comfort and support
  • 1cm Soft Foam Provides deep comfort through consistent weight distribution
  • 2cm Memory Foam Acts as a transition layer for the perfect sink and minimised movement
  • 2cm Soft Foam Provides deep comfort through consistent weight distribution
  • Mini Springs Additional 1200 mini pocket springs for superior comfort and support
  • Springs 800 pocket springs conform to your body's shape, supporting you where you need it the most and prevents the 'roll-together effect'
  • Non Slip Fabric Anti-slip base for additional stability

SleepSoul Hybrid mattresses are developed by Birlea furniture, a family-run business with over 20 years’ experience.

We go the extra mile to ensure our products surpass the expectations of our customers. All SleepSoul mattresses come with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty and are vacuum-packed and boxed for your convenience.

10 year warranty

A decade of comfort or your money back.

No Roll Together

Weight is spread evenly across the mattress to prevent the roll together effect.

Easy Rotate

Easy to set up and easy to move around. SleepSoul mattresses are lightweight for effortless maneuverability.

Vacuum Packed

Sealed tight and boxed for convenience and freshness.

How Do You Fit A Mattress In A Box?

  • 1 Our SleepSoul mattresses are carefully packed into a protective bag
  • 2 We flatten each mattress using a compression machine
  • 3 The bag is then vacuum and heat sealed
  • 4 We roll the mattress using a bumbler and seal once more
  • 5 The perfectly formed SleepSoul mattress is shrunk to a 1/8 of its original size

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