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How Do You Fit A Mattress In A Box?

How are mattresses rolled up?

We care for every single one of our SleepSoul mattresses and they all start the same journey (as a huge comfy mattress) before being packed into a small easy to handle box! But how do we get our mattresses in a box you ask? Well here’s your answer….

Step 1 – Our SleepSoul mattresses are carefully packed into a protective bag (Here’s where the magic starts! ✨✨✨

Step 2 – We flatten each mattress using a compression machine

Step 3 – Vacuum and heat seal the bag

Step 4 – Roll the mattress using a bumbler and seal once more

Step 5 – A perfectly formed SleepSoul mattress is shrunk to a 1/8 of it’s original size.

See how the magic happens below

How to set up a roll-up mattress

So now that you’ve received your SleepSoul mattress what do you do?

  1. Unpack your SleepSoul in the room where you want to sleep (We’re guessing it’s the bedroom, but it’s up to you!)
  2. Pop it on your bed base, remove the outer plastic cover and unroll
  3. Remove the inner plastic wrap and wait for the magic to happen. In 2 hours it’s good and in 24 hours it’s great
  4. Time for a nap – Jump on and enjoy unbeatable comfort and deep, sound sleep.

How long do they take to expand?

The SleepSoul mattresses can be slept on after 2 hours although your best to wait 24 hours for the best sleep of your life!

Roll-up mattresses: The benefits

Regular mattresses have been the norm since…. well forever, so why change to a rolled-up mattress in a box?

Environmentally friendly

Our SleepSoul mattresses in a box can be transported much easier than traditional mattresses reducing our carbon footprint – (We can fit around 4x more SleepSoul mattress in a van than we can a standard mattress) meaning a lot fewer emissions.


Our SleepSoul mattresses have been engineered with value in mind – We know it’s important for you to save on cost and be competitive against premium brands.

Easy to manoeuvre

Remember the days the whole family were pushing and squeezing a traditional mattress up the stairs, through the doors and round tight corners? Well those days are gone thanks to our SleepSoul mattress. You simply take the mattress to a room of your choice (In the box of course) and your all set!


Because all SleepSoul mattresses are supplied in a box it will easily fit in most car boots!

The Benefits

  1. Your mattress is protected during transit, meaning a perfect mattress every time!
  2. You can easily transport your mattress to any room in the house (Even through the smallest of gaps).
  3. It no longer takes a family of 4 to get the mattress to your desired room
  4. It can fit in your car! No more hefty delivery charges or mattresses on your car roof
  5. Our SleepSoul mattress come with a 10 year guarantee*

Will a rolled up mattress cause any lasting damage?

Not at all! We compress our SleepSoul mattresses by approximately 25% of it’s original size. We use the latest technology and machinery to ensure our mattresses are not damaged throughout the entire process. We wouldn’t even consider putting a mattress in a box if it was going to damage to mattress.

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