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Tips on how to sleep when it’s too hot

We’ve Got Some Handy Tips On How To Sleep When It’s Too Hot

We all know what it’s like trying to sleep when the temperature rockets, after all a room temperature of over 20° is the optimal temperature to sunbath in the UK! With the optimal room temperature being around 18.3° we’ve got some handy tips on how to sleep better during the summer months, so whether you’re a toss-and-turner, a duvet hogger or a belly flopper, you’re guaranteed a comfortable night’s sleep. Here’s our guide on how to sleep when it’s too hot.


It might sound like an easy solution but invest in a fan (or fans)! In a boiling room this won’t necessarily cool the room down but what it will do is circulate the air. The result, a less stuffy room making it feel like the temperature has dropped.

A Breeze

Again, another easy solution but get that air flowing in the day! Open as many windows as possible and even your doors (if it’s safe to do so!). By creating an airflow hot air can circulate and your bedroom will feel nice and airy. Also, it sounds like a bad idea but keep those curtains and blinds closed. If you have a bedroom that lets in plenty of sunlight your closed curtains or blinds will stop the heat-build up. Believe it or not this could help decrease your room temperature quite substantially.

Your Mattress, duvet & pillows

Memory foam mattresses are the solution to optimal body support and stability, but there’s a catch. Memory foam mattresses tend to sink in the heat, so your body is touching more of the mattress. That’s why we created a hybrid mattress! Our SleepSoul’s combine incredible support, breathability & durability thanks to it’s combination of springs & foam. The result, a pressure-relieving support wherever you need it. Say goodbye to achy muscles and joints, our SleepSoul’s aid healing and keeps your body healthy. Better still, our Space mattress has been awarded a Which? Best Buy Award!

When it comes to your duvet and pillows opt for cotton, silk, and other breathable materials to help keep your body temperature down.

New technology

As mentioned above memory foam is the solution for optimal body support and stability but we have a new trick up our sleeve. Our SleepSoul Heaven mattress features coolgel. Coolgel allows your body to sink deep into the mattress. It’s advanced temperature regulation slow down the heat build-up in the mattress, allowing you to sleep cooler, for longer. Our SleepSoul Luna mattress & Harmony mattress feature some of our latest breathable technology. It’s convoluted foam creates advanced airflow within the mattress, creating a breathable layer. The outcome, a cooler layer of foam that contours to your body to provide supper, reduce pressure points & helps you to sleep more comfortably.

Get naked!

The easiest solution of all…. ditch the pyjama’s and go nude! The benefits of sleeping naked help to regulate your body temperature and can also be better for your skin! Healthline have even more great reasons to sleep naked here.


We’ve made it our mission to help everyone find their perfect mattress. Find your SleepSoul mate today. View the range.

If you’re still struggling with sleep, head over to the Sleep Council website. The Sleep Council were formed in 1995 and it is their mission to help people take preventative measure to look after their sleep health and stop sleep issues developing into bigger problems. They will even be able to help you further with more handy tips on how to sleep when it’s too hot.


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